In 2019 Mirka Farabegoli and José Witteveen dedicated 2 weeks to a research residency on the island of Salina, getting to know some of its inhabitants and learning about the history of the island. They were hosted by the residency of Amaneï.
The project was named Betwixt and within it, they have focussed on personal anecdotes, fragmented and partially shrouded in mystery. They learned about the trials and tribulations the island dwellers had to face; like the consequences of families being torn apart by the necessity of migrating abroad in search of a livelihood or the impact of tourism on the once tightly knit community. Being aware of their role as outsiders they accepted the fact that their interpretation would be subjective and partly influenced by their own intuition.

In April 2021, Farabegoli and Witteveen will return to Amaneï for a second residency. They will be accompanied by writer Joost Oomen. Poet Tsead Bruinja will contribute to the project from a distance. Ultimately the project will be presented both in Italy and the Netherlands. A publication will be made in collaboration with Dito Publishing Rome.