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Mirka Farabegoli is a Dutch artist who graduated from the Arnhem Art Academy ArtEZ in 2009.

She works mainly within the field of drawing and printmaking. Her specialties include large scale drawings, aquatint etching and murals/installations based on her drawings.

Since 2014 she's connected to the Plaatsmaken Gallery in Arnhem, the Netherlands where she will be working on a project exploring to possibilities of crossover between drawing and the different graphic techniques.

The subject matter of her work can be described as a search for the mythical and obscure in everyday life as well as the mixing of different rituals and beliefs that exist around the world. Mythical creatures from various parts of the world melt together with soccer players, images from the news and other worldly imagery to form a new kind of in-between-world'. Inge Polet from the Plaatsmaken Gallery describes it as follows: "a world where ghosts, humans and the half dead live together as brothers in a colourful house".


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